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Toshiba Ships Its First ‘10 LCD TVs

Wayne, N.J. –


said Monday
that it is shipping the first models in its 2010 LCD TV line, including the
UX600 series of IPTV-ready LED backlit TVs.

Models in the UX600 LED LCD TV line will include seamless connectivity with
home PCs and Internet content, using Toshiba’s NET TV system. Service providers
for the IPTV system include Vudu, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, YouTube, Picasa
and Flickr.

Also provided through the NET TV system will be news services,
such as The New York Times, Associated Press, national weather and a stock
ticker available at the bottom of the screen.

To simplify the setup process, the UX600 TVs will have a USB Wi-Fi adapter dongle
to connect to the Internet via a wireless network.

The series will include the 40-inch ($1,399 suggested retail),
46-inch ($1,699) and 55-inch ($2,499) screen sizes, and each offers 1080p HD
resolution and 120Hz frame-rate technology. All feature a 3,000,000:1 dynamic
contrast ratio, and Toshiba’s CrystalCoat high-contrast screen coating to keep
contrast high in bright rooms.

An AutoView function analyzes ambient room light to optimize
picture quality in a variety of ambient room-lighting conditions.

DynaLight automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on
the incoming video signal, and a Pixel Pure 5G engine offers advanced image
processing for both high- and standard-definition signal sources.

The sound is enhanced through the use of Dolby Volume, which
maintains a consistent volume level when switching between programs and
commercials, changing channels and even when sound levels change abruptly
within a program.

“This is a high-quality LED TV that is both simple and fun,” said
Scott Ramirez, TV marketing VP. “We have packed amazingly deep LED picture quality,
robust Internet capability and a long list of key Toshiba features into our new
slim Air Lagoon design, and included a Wi-Fi adapter to make it a total
pleasure from Day One. This is a package people will be excited to own.”

Other LCD TV
series shipping to dealers are the C100, E200, and G300.

Models in the
C100 line offer 720p HD resolution and a built-in photo frame
capability. Screen sizes include 19 inches ($249), 22 inches ($299), 26 inches ($399)
and 32 inches ($449). Each offers a Horizon design that allows the television
to complement most rooms of the house.

Toshiba’s CV100 series combines the television picture quality
and basic design of the C100 series with a built-in DVD player.

Screen sizes include 19 inches ($299), 22 inches ($349), 26
inches ($449) and 32 inches ($519). All are shipping now.

The E200 models
step up to 1080p resolution, four HDMI inputs with InstaPort and
Regza-Link, and a high-resolution PC input. Screen sizes include 32 inches
($549); 37 inches ($649) and 40 inches ($699). All are shipping now.

The G300 models
add DLNA certification for sharing of music,
photos and videos from a home
PC to the television without special

The G300-series models offer 1080p plus 120Hz ClearFrame technology
for smooth fast-motion images. Screen sizes include 40 inches ($899); 46 inches
($1,099) and 55 inches ($1,599). All are shipping now.