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Toshiba Sets Green Goal

Tokyo — Japanese conglomerate Toshiba Corp. launched here Tuesday its Environmental Vision 2050 initiative, which it billed the company’s “long-term commitment and determination to contribute to a better environment by recognizing and responding to environmental issues.”

Through the effort, Toshiba, corporate parent of Toshiba Consumer Electronics, said it aims to improve the value and eco-efficiency of its products and business processes and to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by the equivalent of 57.6 million tons per year in fiscal 2025 compared against the benchmark year of fiscal 2000.

The company also aims to enhance its environmental efficiency and raise overall eco-efficiency “to a factor of 10 by FY2050.”

The latest version of the project was inspired by agreements of the G8 summit held at Heiligendum in June, where leaders established a goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

By that time, the global population is expected to exceed 9 billion people, and it will be essential to overcome environmental impacts produced by population growth, such as pressure on resources and a heightened greenhouse effect, Toshiba said.

The corporation’s Environmental Vision 2050 program will include the twin goals “creating value with the products and services it delivers to the global community, and sustaining a healthy Earth environment.”

The company will meet specific goals and address environmental issues using two approaches: Energy Vision and Eco Products Vision.

The task of the Energy Vision Meeting direction will be to address ever-growing global energy requirements while combating global warming at the same time. Toshiba said it will enhance its nuclear power business and promote deployment of high efficiency thermal power plants and CO2 fixation, while also working to advance the capabilities of power transmission networks and realize new energy sources.

The Eco Products Vision will stress “enhanced development and delivery of environmentally friendly products, improved assessment of product life cycles and impacts, and the manufacture of products that ultimately provide consumers with a high level of value.”

Toshiba said it originally introduced its Environmental Vision 2010 in fiscal 2006, and is currently nearing a doubling of its eco-efficiency factor against fiscal 2000. The company will further commit to the sustainable development of the environment through Environmental Vision 2050.