Toshiba Readies Glasses-Free 3D For 2013 Launch


Irvine, Calif. -


parent company revealed last week that it will be making a 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV available in markets outside of Japan for the first time this year, but it is not scheduled to reach the U.S. until the first quarter of 2013, a U.S. company representative told TWICE Monday.

Toshiba first introduced 12- and 20-inch glasses-free 3D LCD TVs with high price tags to mixed reviews in Japan in 2010. 

However, prototypes of larger versions drew long lines when showed at past CEATEC shows, offering potential for a broader early adopter audience.

Although the prototype dispenses with the need to wear special glasses to see a stereoscopic 3D effect, glasses-free prototypes have had limited viewing angles, requiring viewers to be positioned almost dead in front of the middle of the screen to get the best effect.

The company has been working to improve the capability.

Feature details and pricing have not been announced for the U.S. version of the set.


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