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Toshiba Laptops Add Face Recognition SW

Irvine, Calif. — Toshiba is looking to attract the security conscious by featuring face-recognition software on the company’s newest laptops.

Toshiba’s face-recognition software uses the Satellite’s built-in Web cam to grant or deny access to the computer by referencing a database of stored digital images of a registered user’s face. According to Toshiba, the database is created during a short setup process where the user is prompted to move their head drom side-to-side and up-and-down until the computer has adequately profiled their face with a series of still images.

Multiple users are said to be able to use the software to log into their personal accounts.

Toshiba said the software also allows users to periodically update their images to account for changes in physical appearance.

Four new models, the Satellite U400, Satellite M300, Satellite A300 and Satellite P300, are each equipped with the face-recognition software; the models are immediately available through retailers or directly through Toshiba.