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Toshiba Is Kind With In-Kind Haiti Donations

New York –

Toshiba America

Thursday it is working with several prominent Haitian earthquake relief
organizations to help them facilitate medium- to long-term reconstruction
efforts, including housing, job creation and communication needs.

The Toshiba is making in-kind product donations to organizations
including Habitat for Humanity International, MercyCorps and Yéle Haiti
Foundation for the efforts. Donations include Toshiba laptops, mini notebooks,
portable camcorders, uninterruptable power-supplying devices, TVs and

The product donations follow Toshiba Corporation’s initial pledge
of $100,000 made in January 2010 to help relieve suffering caused by the
devastating Haitian Earthquake.

To commemorate the effort, Yoshihide Fujii, Toshiba America chairman
and CEO, recently presented a certificate to Hugh Locke, president of Yéle
Haiti Foundation (right), representing the in-kind product donations.