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Toshiba Intros New PDAs

Irvine, Calif. -Toshiba unveiled today two new Pocket PC PDAs with unique feature sets at the mid to high end price points.

The company claims the new e400 is the thinnest PocketPC to date and that it has a screen 25 to 33 percent brighter than comparable units. Both the new e400 and the 128MB e800 offer 32MB of built-in flash memory to retain data if the battery drains. And both feature voice recognition for operating the PDA through voice commands. They also allow text to speech conversion so e-mail headers can be read aloud to the user.

The e800 has built-in WiFi, dual Secure Digital (SD) and CompactFlash slot. It is also compatible with a new Presentation Pack that fits on the unit to connect either with a USB keyboard or mouse. It also has an RGB port to connect to a digital projector. The pack has an estimated price of $99.

Toshiba Senior product marketing manager Craig Marking, claimed ‘We want to test the market. We figured we could de-feature these and go with the most aggressive price point possible or go with some distinguishable features that will make the units stand out on the shelf.’

The e400 has a 300MHz XScale processor, 64MB of RAM, and SD port. The transflective screen is 3.5 inches with 65,536 colors. Suggested retail price is $299.

The e800 has a 4-inch transflective screen, 400MHz XScale processor with 128MB of RAM. Suggested retail price is $599.