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Toshiba Debuts CF Line For 4K Video

Tokyo — Toshiba announced a line of CF cards that are designed for DSLRs that shoot FullHD video.

The Exceria Pro cards come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. They will go on sale in Asia April 27 and will follow in North America.

The cards comply with the Video Performance Guarantee Profile 2 (VPG-65) and UDMA7 high-speed interfaces, as well as CompactFlash Association CFA standard 6.1.

VPG-65 secures FullHD video-capture streams at a minimum write speed of 65MBps for compatible devices, and enables 4K-resolution movie shooting and high-quality FullHD video capture at high frame rates with no dropped frames, Toshiba said.  

Read and write speeds of the cards are said to be 160MBps and 150MBps, respectively.

Pricing wasn’t given.