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Toshiba Announces 20MP CMOS Sensor

Tokyo – Toshiba said Wednesday it will launch a new 20 megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor for digital still cameras.

The chip, model TCM5115CL, is said to offer the industry’s highest resolution in the 1/2.3 inch optical format, using backside illumination technology (BSI) to improve sensitivity and imaging performance.

Toshiba said sampling of the new sensor will begin at the end of January 2013 and mass production will follow in August 2013.

The TCM5115CL is said to have overcome picture improvement challenges produced by using smaller pixels, such as those found in current 10- to 16MP sensors of similar size.

Toshiba said the TCM5115CL achieves a 15 percent improvement in full well capacity—the amount of charge an individual pixel can hold before saturating—against Toshiba’s previous generation 16MP sensor (pixel size = 1.34μm).

TCM5115CL is designed to meet the demands of high quality, fast frame rate image capture and HD video recording supporting smooth, slow motion playback, and delivers the high frame rates 60fps at 1080p and 100fps at 720p.

CMOS image sensors are the main product of Toshiba’s Analog and Imaging System business. The addition of the TCM5115CL to its CMOS sensor line-up for digital cameras will reinforce the business and support the company in securing its target of a 30 percent market share in 2015.