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Toshiba America To Plant Trees

Irvine, Calif. — Toshiba America employees will plant 80,000 trees in the San Bernardino National Forest on May 9.

The company is working in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to replace some of the trees destroyed

by wildfires that swept through the area in late 2007, destroying 500,000 acres of woodland.

“I was in Southern California during the fires and remember the threats to people and homes,” said Masa Fukakushi, chairman and CEO of Toshiba America. “I am especially proud of our employees who are assisting in the re-planting and demonstrating their personal commitment to the environment — a value that the entire company shares.”

The reforestation effort in Southern California is part of Toshiba Group’s global initiative to plant 1.5 million trees worldwide by 2025, significant because it will mark Toshiba’s 150th anniversary and celebrate the company’s long-term commitment to bettering the environment.