Toshiba 2012 TVs Ship At Value PricesToshiba 2012 TVs Ship At Value Prices

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Toshiba has started delivering a range of TV models in its 2012 line, all of which offer new cosmetic styling and value price points for their respective classes.

All models this year have been designed to present “a family look” in styling, deliver strong picture and sound quality, and present consumers with good value for the price, the company said.

The 2012 cosmetic is called the Aero Design and stresses a minimalist bezel look, thin depth, a wing bottom accent and pedestal stand.

Smart-TV functionality has also been enhanced and expanded to a wider mix of sets.

The company’s smart-TV system uses Toshiba’s ePortal IPTV platform with open web browsing, an improved and simplified Rovi-designed MediaGuide, and support for Android tablet and smartphone control apps.

Select models also include a dynamic mode that accentuates “the pop” of the picture with more pronounced color saturation and vibrancy.

Highlighting the lineup, which was first introduced at International CES last January, is the 65-inch HT2U ($1,700 suggested retail) CCFL-backlit 1080p LCD TV, featuring a ClearFrame 120Hz refresh rate and Audyssey sound enhancement technology with BassXT.

At the performance end of the assortment is the L7200U LED Cinema TV series including the 47-inch ($1,900) and 55-inch ($2,400) screen sizes, passive 3D capability, FullHD 1080p resolution, ClearScan 240Hz refresh rates, a CQ dual-core video engine with 2D-to-3D conversion, Audyssey sound enhancement technology with BassXT, smart TV functionality with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a QWERTY keyboard.

The L6200U 3D LED series includes the 42- ($1,400), 47- ($1,600) and 55-inch ($2,100) screen sizes, all of which include ClearFrame 120Hz refresh rates, FullHD 1080p, passive 3D and Audyssey sound. The models all include smart-TV functionality with built-in Wi-Fi.

The L5200U LED series includes the 40- ($700), 46- ($900), and 50-inch ($1,100) screen sizes, Full HD 1080p resolution, Audyssey sound, Dynalight dynamic picture control, and auto brightness control. The L4200U series includes the 24- ($300), 19- ($230) and 32-inch ($350) screen sizes. The 24-inch models offer 1080p resolution while the 32- and 19-inch models are both 720p. All include Audyssey sound, Dynalight dynamic picture control and auto brightness control.

A 40-inch E220U ($500) model offers 1080p FullHD resolution and is optimized for gaming with a model that shortens frame delays for better response time between the display and the controller.

The 32-inch C120U ($350) LCD TV is a 720p model with DynaLight Dynamic picture mode, auto brightness control and gaming mode.


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