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The Tornado Data Transfer Device Debuts

Data Drive Thru has released the Tornado, a stand-alone device that allows consumers to transfer data from an old to a new computer.

The Tornado was developed to take advantage of the massive PC replacement market, said Clint Hughes, the company’s VP of marketing and business development.

The device has two retractable USB chords that connect into a central case that houses a small processor/software system that connects each computer. When each USB cable is connected to the new and old computer a split screen interface appears on the monitor showing the contents of each computer’s hard drive. Consumers can then drag and drop the desired files from one computer to the other at 25MB per second data rate.

The Tornado just became available online last week from Data Drive Thru at for $59.95. Hughes is conducting talks with retailers and expects it to be in stores sometime during the first half of 2007. The company has also met with PC vendors to discuss add-on sale possibilities that would place The Tornado with new PCs, giving the consumer a method to transfer their data, he said.

The company has also released PC Eraser, an application that, Hughes said, thoroughly erases data from a computer’s hard drive. PC Eraser, selling online for $29.95, uses several methods to eliminate unwanted data that meet U.S. Department of Defense standards, the company said. The software not only destroys the files, but finds and cuts out unwanted file extensions and remnant data on the hard drive.

Hughes said, the software is now sold separately, but he is considering bundling it with The Tornado since it is smart for people to erase their hard drive prior to throwing away an old computer.