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Top 100 Retailers Grew Sales 2% In ’09

NEW YORK — TWICE has released the Top
100 CE Retailers Report, our annual ranking of the
largest consumer electronics retailers in the nation.

Not surprisingly, Best Buy and Walmart continue
to lead the pack, followed
by Apple, Target, Costco, Dell,
GameStop,, Radio-
Shack and Sam’s Club, which
joins the inner circle in Circuit
City’s absence.

Together these 10 leading retailers
accounted for 74 percent
of all CE volume on the Top 100

What is surprising, however,
is that the 100 largest dealers
together managed to eke out a 2 percent increase
in CE sales during the depths of the worst
economic downturn since the Great Depression.
Their 2009 performance, tracked by TWICE
market research partner The Stevenson Company
of Louisville, Ky., speaks to the expanding
role of CE in consumers’ lives, and to the resiliency
of dealers who cut costs, built new stores
and changed business models to
ride out the recession.

For some it wasn’t enough.
Making their final appearance
on the Top 100 — at least in
their previous incarnations — are
Bernie’s (No. 79) and MyerEmco
(No. 93), which ended operations
this year. But their departures
will make way for new additions,
like this year’s newcomers In-
Motion Entertainment (No. 89),
the CE airport chain, and (No. 80),
which last year sold nearly $60 million in computer
gear direct to techies over the Web.