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Tonewood Offers iPhone Cases To Match Your Guitar

Los Angeles — Tonewood Products is offering a line of iPhone cases made from the same high-end wood grains used for acoustic guitars.

The two-piece cases, in such materials as maple, rosewood and mahogany, are custom fitted for iPhone 4 and 5 models and feature a padded inner lining and exteriors that are unique to each unit due to the natural varieties of the hardwoods. Each case features wooden volume and power buttons, interior felt padding and rubber lining.

“Tonewood iPhone cases are the market’s first mobile accessories to use the same select woods as today’s finest acoustic instruments,” said founder Dave Dilitkanich. “The result is premium device protection that allows consumers to showcase their passion for music and design, wherever they go.”

Available now, Tonewood’s iPhone cases start at $69.99 and can be purchased online from Guitar Center or directly from Tonewood’s website.