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TomTom Upgrades HD Traffic Service

LAS VEGAS – TomTom upgraded its cellular-delivered HD (High Density) Traffic service with improved real-time detection of traffic incidents and more accurate time-of-arrival estimates, thanks to a major expansion of the number of vehicles tracked in real time to 76 million from a year-ago 3 million, the company announced.

The 6.0 version of HD Traffic “is able to report the location and length of traffic jams on highways five times more accurately than the previous version of TomTom HD Traffic,” the company said.

The company secured the additional live “traffic probes” via multiple partnership deals. The publicly announced deals include the recent inclusion of HD Traffic in Telenav navigation apps for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones and a December 2011 deal with smartphone maker RIM to include HD Traffic service in a travel-time app, said Ralf-Peter Schafer, head of TomTom’s traffic product unit.

 Other live traffic probes include cellular-equipped TomTom PNDs, TomTom’s own smartphone apps, fleets, and other sources.

The service, launched in the U.S. in 2011, downloads traffic-update information to smartphones and cellular-equipped PNDs every two minutes and covers millions of miles of roadways.