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TomTom Ships GO Navigation Line In U.S.

Concord, Mass. –
TomTom has released its Go series of portable navigation
devices (PNDs) in the U.S.

The new models, announced at the

CES in January

, include the Go 2535 M Live (formerly named the Go 2505 M
Live) and the Go 2435 and 2535, which are enhanced versions of the Go 2405 and

The connected Go 2535 M Live is the first in the next
generation of the TomTom Go Live devices to feature Live services, including
TomTom HD Traffic, for the first time in the U.S.

TomTom HD Traffic captures more actual traffic jams than ever
before. Additionally, TomTom HD Traffic will recognize traffic conditions for
all major and secondary roads within the U.S. road network and will deliver
real-time traffic updates every two minutes.

The enhanced Live Service which will be delivered via
AT&T’s wireless network, will also include Local Search powered by Google,
Fuel Prices, and Weather Forecasts. Live Services are available out-of-the-box
with a free 12-month subscription, the company said.

The Go 2435 (4.3-inch screen) and Go 2535 (5-inch screen)
devices offer consumers the same features and routing intelligence of the
popular Go 2405 and 2505 devices, and the Intuitive Voice Recognition feature.

The 2435 and 2535 Series allows drivers to keep their eyes
on the road with access to over 130 voice commands. The newest models in the
series also incorporate improved voice recognition technology that allows
addresses to be spoken naturally. This feature will also available on the Go
2535 M Live.

Additional features available only on the Go 2535 M Live are
the TomTom Live Services bundle, including TomTom HD Traffic, local search,
fuel prices and weather forecasts, the company said.

The TomTom Go 2535 M Live will be available for $349 MSRP
and a free 12-month subscription of Live services will be available with each

Select TomTom devices across the TomTom Go 2435 and 2535
product lines are available with lifetime map updates, lifetime traffic updates
or a combination of these features. MSRP starts at $249 and varies by model.

The new GO devices will initially be available starting this
month at, Best Buy and