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TomTom To Sell iPod Touch GPS Kit

Concord, Mass. – TomTom said it will offer a new GPS kit just
for the iPod Touch, to be available in the U.S.
shortly, and said it updated its GPS app to work with both the iPod Touch and
all iPhone models.

Previously, TomTom offered a kit and app only for the iPhone 3G
and 3Gs.

TomTom now joins a wave of new kits for the iPod Touch that have
been announced in the past 10 days, marking the first kits for that product.

There are approximately 24 million iPod Touch devices in the
marketplace, and 26 million iPhones have reportedly sold to date. But until
this month, kits were only available for the iPhone and not the iPod Touch.

TomTom’s kit will join models from Magellan and Dual.

Magellan’s GPS kit works with both the iPhone and iPod Touch at $129,
plus a $79.99 introductory price for the app (expected to increase to $99.99).

Dual’s new app and cradle – the GPS Navigation & Battery
Cradle – work only with the iPod Touch for a total price of $179.

TomTom’s app will remain at $99, but no price has been announced
on the new iPod Touch kit. TomTom’s iPhone kit is $119.