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TomTom Portable Nav Share Soars

Concord, Mass. — TomTom has became the number two mobile navigation brand in the fourth quarter of 2005, according to data from NPD Techworld, Port Washington, N.Y.

NPD confirmed that unit share for the fourth quarter placed Garmin in the No. 1 slot for mobile navigation, followed sequentially by TomTom, Magellan, Pioneer and Cobra.

TomTom said it accounted for 25 percent of mobile navigation unit sales for the quarter, according to NPD, jumping from a share of only 7 percent in June 2005, when it first entered leading retailers with its TomTom Go 300 and 700. TomTom began selling in the United States in December 2002.

TomTom said NPD data showed portable navigation sales in the fourth quarter last year grew 192 percent compared to sales for the same quarter in 2004.

Sales of portable navigation are expected to grow by over 100 percent this year, according to several suppliers.