TomTom PNDs Get Star Wars Theme

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Las Vegas - TomTom launched Star Wars-themed versions of five of its portable navigation devices (PNDs) through its



The models feature the Star Wars logo on front, a choice of Star Wars characters on back, and optional $12.95 voice card that enables the devices to deliver routing instructions in the voice of a favorite Star Wars character.

The onscreen icon representing the driver's car doesn't turn into a Death Star.

The Star Wars PNDs are the $114 Ease, $174 XL 340 TM, $144 XL 340 S, $204 XXL 550 TM, and $164 XXL 540 S.

On Cyber Monday, consumers who purchase one of the devices get $5 off and a free Star Wars voice card.

Available Star Wars designs can be selected at



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