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TomTom, Johnson Could Link Nav To Radios In Cars

TomTom and Johnson Control have teamed up to provide a “gateway” for new cars that allows TomTom navigation devices to work seamlessly with factory sound systems.

Johnson Controls has created a “Bluetooth mobile device gateway” that would allow TomTom users to verbally send commands to the TomTom unit. The gateway would also enable a TomTom device to notify the user that fuel is low and to offer directions to the nearest gas station.

Also, if the user selects a restaurant from the TomTom GO’s list of points of interest, the device can automatically dial the restaurant’s telephone number for reservations.

Johnson Controls is currently demonstrating this technology as an OEM offering for 2008 model year vehicles at the Paris Auto Show. The Bluetooth gateway would work with all TomTom GO products, which include the 910, 510, 700 and 300.