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TomTom Introduces PND For Fiat

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Fiat Group
Automobiles and TomTom announced a jointly
developed personal navigation device (PND), designed specifically for Fiat, to
appear in the Fiat Punto Evo.

TomTom said the integrated
portable device, called Blue&Me-TomTom, has “the tightest integration
between a portable navigation device and a car the industry has ever seen,”
according to a press statement. The PND lets users manage telephone calls,
navigation and driving information.

will offer newer features, such as IQ Routes for the fastest route and accurate
arrival times. And it will incorporate Fiat’s Eco:Drive Info for real-time
information on driving style and suggestions for reducing gas by changing gears
and accelerating to suit the nature of the route.

Harold Goddijn,
CEO of TomTom, said, “For the first time ever, a new car will offer the latest
navigation innovations available.”

Further details on
the solution will be offered at the IAA Motorshow in Frankfurt, Germany,
Sept. 17-27.

TomTom also offers
a navigation solution
for Renault