TomTom Expands High-End PND Line

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Concord, Mass. - TomTom is expanding its high-end lineup of portable navigation devices (PNDs) with two new Go-series models starting at a suggested $299 and offering such new features as capacitive touchscreens and a faster route-calculation algorithm said to offer "instant route planning."


The capacitive touchscreens let users pinch and zoom maps and navigate through menu screens with the swipe of the finger.

 Other new features include a simpler user interface to let drivers get route guidance with fewer taps, click-and-lock magnetic mount that lets users dock and undock their PND with one hand, and a brighter display, the company said.

 With the new route-calculation software, a spokesperson told TWICE, "significant improvements have been achieved versus our previous models and competition not only in planning a route but also in re-routing when a wrong turn is taken." In most cases, she said, "the planning will be many times faster than before."

 The two models are the Go 2405TM with 4.3-inch touchscreen and Go 2505TM with 5-inch touchscreen at suggested retails of $299 and $319, respectively. They are available at



, with sales through brick-and-mortar stores starting in mid-2011.

  Like other select TomTom models, the two new models feature lifetime traffic and map updates, with traffic updates received via an  FM-based RDS-TMC traffic receiver. When information on a traffic delay is received, the PNDs alert the driver, who can command the PND to find a faster alternative route.

  Also like other select TomTom models, the two new models feature Bluetooth hands-free, voice recognition to enable voice control, street-name announce and advanced lane guidance.


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