TomTom Delays iPhone GPS Kit Until Oct.


Concord, Mass. - TomTom confirmed it has delayed the launch of an iPhone GPS kit that will enhance its iPhone GPS app until October.

A spokesman said the company has "decided to take some extra weeks in order to deliver the highest quality on this innovative product. So the car kit will become available for purchase this October on"

  Originally due this summer, the car kit will include its own GPS receiver to improve GPS reception, making the iPhone more closely match the GPS power of a personal navigation device (PND).

TomTom marketing development VP Tom Murray said the kit will improve reception in urban canyons or heavily forested areas and enable quicker re-routing.

It will also charge the iPhone and provide a mounting kit for the iPhone on the dash or windshield that works in portrait or landscape mode. Other car kit features include a speaker and microphone for louder voice directions and for Bluetooth hands-free calling. The kit will have a 1/8th-inch jack to plug the iPhone into a car stereo's auxiliary input, so sound can play through the car speakers.


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