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‘Into Tomorrow’ Radio Program Launches 13th Season At CES

“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline,” the syndicated weekly radio show that covers consumer electronics is looking to interview International CES exhibitors with hot products during the show.

Launching its 13th season at CES in January, Graveline and his team will once again be broadcasting three weeks worth of specials from the middle of Innovations Plus at The Sands. They will also broadcast two hours from CES Unveiled in Vegas, the night before Press Day.

“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” — part of the Advanced Media Network — is a three-hour national radio program (as well as 60 second Daily Features and weekly ITTV Video Reports) covering the latest in consumer electronics and technology.

The show airs on 117 stations around the country and on XM Satellite Radio as well as several other sources including BeOS Radio, Sprint Radio, TiVo, CelleCast and others – every weekend. “Into Tomorrow” is also heard around the world on the 5 Armed Forces Networks to more than 130 countries, some 600-plus ships at sea and various U.S. Military bases around the globe. In addition, they stream their audio and video via their Web site and provide free Podcasts and archives of all of their shows.

“Into Tomorrow” highlights the wide variety of CE categories that consumers want to know more about. CES Exhibitors interested in being considered as a guest during their CES Specials should contact Beth Gatrell via [email protected] or Rob Almanza via [email protected]. For more, visit