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Oswego, N.Y. - The True North Project (TNP), a grassroots coalition of 12-volt retailers, reps, distributors and manufacturers, announced new leadership and has revised its charitable commitments.

According to a release put out by TNP, Lance Putnam of Richmond, Ky.-based Audio Center, has assumed leadership of the group. Barry Vogel, who founded the organization, will become administrator.

TNP reportedly ran into some "legal issues" with the charity it had partnered with, and will no longer choose the charity that will be sponsored, it said. "Instead we will ask each participant to choose a local charity to support. This will simplify our ability to get these events done. You may choose to support the same charity for every event or switch them up to attract a broader audience," the group said in a release.

When asked how TNP supports the charities, Vogel told TWICE that retailers are supplied with templates for holding low-cost/no-cost parking lot events, and templates and guidelines for holding the events, "including week-by-week ‘what to do this week' checklists so that the event can be run with the least amount of stress." 

TNP also supports the efforts by "sharing ideas from others who have held successful events." Vogel noted that everything TNP does is volunteer-based. "The only expense of any kind is we ask our manufacturer sponsors to donate product for prizes at the events," he said.

Vogel added that the group is seeking more sponsors and more retailer involvement. "There is no financing behind TNP. I started it out of a desire to help fellow retailers and the industry. The only expense is the website and the email service, which I pay for personally. The time is strictly volunteer. Avidworx has helped with graphics and design, and we have some sponsors that have volunteered time and some product for event prizes ... There is no profit motive to True North. When the industry wins, we all do. TNP is meant to show that even inexpensive grass roots promotion can make a difference, and perhaps spur excitement and innovation to ignite consumer interest."

The group's next event will be held Sept. 24 with a theme of supporting education, titled "The Music Matters for Education." Those interested in participating should contact Lance Putnam at

or (859) 885-0731, or Vogel at

or (315) 727-4690. There is no cost to participate, and TNP will provide information and logos to use.  


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