Tivoli Launches Stand-Alone iPod Dock

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Boston -

Tivoli Audio

launched its first stand-alone iPod/iPhone dock/charging stand, which delivers music and video from Apple's docked devices to any connected audio or video system, including Tivoli's tabletop audio systems and radios.


Dubbed The Connector, the $125 dock is Apple-certified for use with iPods and iPhones, enabling an iPhone to receive calls while docked without creating interference. A supplied remote control operates both The Connector and most iPhone or iPod functions, the company said.

 The Connector uses S-Video and composite-video outputs to play iPod/iPhone-stored video through a connected TV. Its audio line outputs deliver audio from the docked devices to a stereo system or to a TV.

 The Connector is packaged with nine dock adapters to accommodate multiple iPod versions. For use anywhere in the world, the device is packaged with a 100-240V universal external switching supply and power-adapter plugs. The Connector is fully protected from short circuits, over voltage and reverse polarity connection, the company added.

The stand comes in furniture-grade walnut or cherry, aluminum, black and multi-layer high-gloss white to match existing Tivoli Audio radios and audio systems. An adjustable chrome back support protects the iPod when its controls are pushed and prevents accidental breakage of the dock connector.


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