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TiVo Upgrades Offered On Recent Purchases

Philips is offering consumers who recently purchased a Philips-branded TiVo receiver with 14-hour recording capacity the opportunity to upgrade to 30 hours of recording time for a $299 charge.

Interested consumers can call Philips at (888) 399-3200, receive instructions to send their 14-hour Personal TV Receiver to Philips, and receive an upgraded 30-hour unit back.

Philips said all upgraded units will be covered by a new 90-days free labor/one-year parts exchange warranty effective from the shipping date .

Philips home access solutions president Willem de Zoete said the upgrade program came in response to increasing requests from TiVo buyers for more recording capacity.

Philips is selling the TiVo Personal TV set-top recorders at more than 2,500 retail locations, including such chains as Best Buy, Circuit City and Sears.

The Philips Personal TV Receiver with 14 hours of recording time is available for $399, and the 30-hour receiver is available for $699.