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TiVo Updates iPad App With Feeds Feature

Alviso, Calif. – TiVo said that it is adding a new feeds feature to its iPad app in an update set to begin Thursday.

With the refresh, users will see a new element of the TiVo app dubbed “What to Watch Now,” offering six content feeds categorized by genre.

The feeds will deliver tailored recommendations based on users’ preferences and geographic locations, and are arranged in several categories, including Popular on TV, Sports on Now, Movies on TV, Kids, My Shows and Favorite Channels.

TiVo subscribers will be able to find and select programs they want to watch immediately on the TiVo screen.

TiVo said it partnered with Thuuz, a sports metadata provider that calculates the “excitement factor” for live sporting events, based on a zero to 100 scale, to further enhance the “What to Watch Now” experience for sports.

Games ranked as more exciting are denoted and listed with higher numbers, helping TiVo users immediately identify the must-watch sports game of the moment.

TiVo is using the iPad, with TiVo, TiVo Mini and TiVo Stream functionality, as part of its TiVo Premiere whole-home, multiscreen offering that gives subscribers the ability to view their TiVo content where ever and whenever they want to watch it.

The TiVo iPad app made its debut in 2010, and last August the company launched TiVo Stream, which let users stream and download programs wirelessly from their TiVo DVR to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.