TiVo Unveils New Boxes For Cable Ops

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continued to place greater emphasis on products and services targeted at cable operators in unveiling a portion of the company's 2011 product line Monday.

The company's next-generation whole-home solutions adopt access to HD video streaming in two new set-tops for the service provider product family.

These boxes include the TiVo Premiere Q, the company's first quad-tuner gateway set-top box, and the TiVo Preview, its first non-DVR HD set-top box.

Both will join TiVo's existing advanced television solutions offered to cable operators, TiVo said.

The new products enable cable operators to provide a superior advanced television experience to non-DVR households, single-DVR households, as well as multi-room-DVR households, TiVo said.

Both set-top boxes support the full integration of operator services, such as Video on Demand, PPV, CallerID on the TV and linear programming, plus access to broadband applications and services, TiVo said.

The Premiere Q supports a broad range of video on demand content over IP, serving as an advanced video gateway. It will support four simultaneous recordings and the ability to view streaming broadband content, while at the same time supporting up to three HD streams over a MoCA or Ethernet home network.

It is also the only set-top box to integrate a bridge between the MoCA and Ethernet networks to simplify and reduce the cost of installation, allowing the Premiere Q to easily connect to existing home networks.

The TiVo Preview provides the full TiVo user experience for non-DVR households and also functions as a thin client complement to those using a TiVo DVR for multi-room viewing.

Using the Preview, operators can now deploy the TiVo user experience in every room of the home. It fully integrates an operator's linear and VOD content with broadband content and application choices, and immediate streaming access to DVR content from a TiVo Premiere or Premiere Q.

Similar to the Premiere Q, the Preview includes integrated MoCA and Ethernet for home networking and multi-room applications.

TiVo said RCN will be the first domestic cable operator to offer subscribers the Premiere Q and Preview, in addition to its current TiVo Premiere offering.

Suddenlink expects to extend its current TiVo offering through these and other TiVo products.


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