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TiVo Unveils Holiday Price Cuts

Alviso, Calif. –


off Monday a limited-time holiday promotion, slashing up to $200 off the price
of certain set-top DVR boxes.

Pricing for TiVo Premiere and TiVo Premiere XL boxes have been
reduced to $99.99 with a one-year DVR service commitment of $19.99 per month,
which TiVo said amounts to an upfront instant savings of $200 on each device.

The price for the large recording capacity TiVo Premiere XL was
cut to $299 from $499, and also requires a one-year service commitment at
$19.99 per month.

TiVo said the “holiday prices” will enable cable viewers to
better what they get in a typical cable system DVR by integrating broadband
content and other features in one box and with one remote. A broadband
connection is required to access Internet content.

“TiVo delivers the best entertainment experience money can buy
for your HDTV. And in keeping with the holiday spirit, we’ve listened to our
customers and reduced the upfront cost making it even easier to give the gift
of TiVo to yourself or others,” stated Joe Miller, senior vice president of
retail sales and marketing for TiVo. “TiVo is the easiest and only complete way
to get both television and broadband content in one simple experience.  Whether you want traditional TV or movies,
web videos, or music you have access to an amazing array of Internet content
from Amazon Video On Demand, Netflix, Hulu Plus (coming soon), YouTube and more
— plus your live and recorded cable television programming all packaged in one
sleek device.”

The boxes are available through the TiVo website and Best Buy

 “In addition to offering
customers the easiest and best way to get all of their television this holiday
season, from a corporate perspective we believe this promotional pricing
strengthens our business model by improving the lifetime value of each new
subscriber through higher monthly subscription fees,” Miller added.