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TiVo Offers Link To PSPs

San Diego — Sony announced that a new updated TiVoToGo feature will make it possible to transfer TV programs recorded on TiVo Series 2 digital video recorders to PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming devices.

Following a test period which started last November, Sony said the TiVoToGo capability now is available to all TiVo Series 2 and PSP owners.

TiVo is making available for a $24.95 fee a special upgraded version of its TiVoToGo desktop PC software that will accommodate the PSP transfers. TiVoToGo requires a TiVo Series 2 box be connected to a Windows PC or laptop through a home network. From there, the software will convert the video file and transfer it to the PSP device.

Sony’s PSP features a 4.3W-inch widescreen, high-resolution LCD that will accommodate TV programs as well as video games.

The enhanced TiVoToGo offers automatic transfers and conversions so TV programs recorded the night before can be synced and waiting for you on your PSP system the next morning, Sony said.

Sony said the software will provide unlimited conversions and an easy-to-use process for transferring TV programs from a TiVo to a PC, and then syncing with a connected PSP system.