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TiVo Notches Viewer Database Client

Alviso, Calif. — DVR hardware and service provider TiVo has enlisted Media IQ, a firm specializing in quantitative media measurement to maximize client marketing return-on-investment (ROI), as a subscriber to its Stop|Watch ratings service.

TiVo said Media IQ, based in New York, will use Stop|Watch ratings data to complement the traditional ROI research it provides to national advertisers.

Stop|Watch is a comprehensive second-by-second program and commercial-ratings research product that tracks and compiles an “exclusive body of audience commercial-viewing activity that will allow for a more refined ROI analysis,” TiVo said.

The Stop|Watch ratings service was introduced in February and includes data for total viewing, live viewing, time-shifted viewing (less than one hour, one-six hours, six-24 hours, 24-48 hours, two-seven day and seven-14 day delay), program ratings, commercial ratings and a commercial viewership index.