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TiVo Names New President

Alviso, Calif. — TiVo today appointed Tom Rogers as president/CEO, effective July 1.

Rogers, who replaces TiVo’s co-founder Mike Ramsay, served as vice chairman of TiVo’s board since September 2003.

Rogers was credited with the successful negotiation of a mass deployment deal with cable provider Comcast. Prior to joining TiVo, Rogers was chairman/CEO of Primedia, and, earlier, president of NBC Cable and executive VP of NBC where he led the creation of CNBC and the formation of the MSNBC partnership with Microsoft.

“I am firmly convinced that TiVo can extend its strong brand identity and technology platform to the mass market through broader distribution by various carriers, and through growing its value as an advertising medium. After pioneering the digital video (DVR) category, TiVo is now uniquely positioned to help multichannel carriers, networks and advertisers grow their businesses in an environment that presents new realities for how TV is watched,” Rogers said in a statement announcing his promotion.