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TiVo Inks Tebow For Ad Campaign

Alviso, Calif. – TiVo said Wednesday it has signed on New York Jets quarterback-in-waiting Tim Tebow to take the snap in a national advertising and integrated social media campaign.

Tebow will be featured in a series of TiVo TV commercials that will tell the TiVo story and explain the unique value the service provides viewers. TiVo will also offer the exclusive “Tim Tebow Zone” TiVo Premiere Collection, highlighting Tebow’s favorite shows, movies and recommended content for kids from TV and the web.

 “I had no idea how great TiVo was until I started using it. I was blown away by the TiVo experience — it was so much more than I thought,” said Tebow. “With always being on the road, I love having the ability to find exactly what I am looking for and watch it anywhere, any time. The similarity in names caught my attention, but I quickly became a true believer. I’m looking forward to working with the great team at TiVo to spread the word.”

“At TiVo, we are much more the complete ‘player’ than people give us credit for,” said Tom Rogers, TiVo’s president and CEO. “We’re not just a DVR. We have a whole slew of capabilities that TV viewers need to understand about what we can do — like the fact that we bring hundreds of thousands of selections from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube together with all your regular channels to deliver the premier TV experience in a way only TiVo does — with one remote to access it all.

“We have brought our game to a much higher level than any other way to experience TV. Our passing game for instance — most don’t realize it, but TiVo today is the only way for a cable subscriber to throw their recordings over to an iPad to watch in another room or take on a trip. TiVo viewers can relax about any given game because on nights like Sunday, TiVo is the only cable box that allows you to record four programs at once so you can watch the football game and still load up on all that other great Sunday night programming for the week. Tebow and TiVo have a lot in common — so we decided to run with it.”

To mark the launch of this campaign, TiVo is donating $1 for each new “like” on TiVo’s official Facebook page — up to $25,000 — to support children in need through the Tim Tebow Foundation.