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TiVo Expands Distribution Base To 4K Storefronts

Alviso, Calif.– TiVo announced it has expanded distribution of its Series 2 digital video recorder products to more than 4,000 retail stores, including the recent addition of the Target discount department store chain.

TiVo said the expansion resulted from recently completed distribution efforts and a reduction of the suggested retail pricing for its 40-hour DVR to below $100 after rebate.

Prominent national retail chains now on board with TiVo include: Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, Sam’s Club, Costco, CompUSA, Dell, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics, Fry’s and Good Guys.

TiVo requires a subscription fee for its onscreen program listings service, which is necessary to operate its DVRs. Subscripiton fees run $12.95 per month for the TiVo service, and $6.95 for each additional box in the home.

Series 2 TiVo boxes offer advanced features including “home media capabilities” that allow broadband subscribers to connect to their PCs to playback digital music and photos through the TiVo unit on a TV screen. The company will also launch later this year its TiVo2Go feature, which will enable TiVo Series2 owners to transfer programs recorded on their TiVo hard drives to the hard drive of a laptop PC for viewing on the laptop screen screen out of the home. The content is protected against further distribution by TiVo’s proprietary TiVoGuard software-based content protection.

Users will be able to download software upgrades for the TiVo2Go feature for no additional charge.