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TiVo Adds ‘Swivel Search’ Feature

Alviso, Calif. — TiVo introduced a new universal “Swivel Search,” on-screen search tool enabling users to explore and discover broadcast, cable and broadband-available content.

TiVo said it began releasing the universal Swivel Search feature to its Series 2 and 3 digital video recorder subscribers on Tuesday. It will allow broadband-connected TiVo subscribers to find Internet distributed content in addition to TV shows carried by broadcasters and cable and satellite TV providers.

Rather than starting with a title or keyword, Swivel Search users can also select a program they currently enjoy and use elements of that program to find similar or related content.

Viewers seamlessly link from descriptions of one program to all others that have common elements, including program name, actors or suggestions based on other viewers’ feedback.

TiVo said Swivel Search will also allow users to find programs related to a specific subject using tags, which are topic-related terms that might not be included in the program’s title or episode description, but fall under an over-arching subject of interest.

“We know that as broadband video continues its rapid growth, and broadcast and cable programming continue to proliferate, consumers are finding it more and more difficult to find the content they want, when they want it,” said Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO.

TiVo said Series 2 and 3 subscribers can sign up at to ensure universal Swivel Search is delivered to their boxes as soon as possible.