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TiVo Adds Domino’s Pizza Ordering

Alviso, Calif. — TiVo said it has teamed up with Dominos Pizza to give owners of broadband-connected TiVo DVRs the ability to order pizza for delivery or pickup, and track delivery timing, using the TiVo service.

“This is the first step in the future of customer interactions with the brands they seek to engage with and buy from,” said Rob Weisberg, Domino’s Pizza precision and print marketing VP. “This is the first time in history that the ‘on-demand’ generation will be able to fully experience couch commerce by ordering pizza directly through their television set. You’ll see a television ad for Domino’s and you’ll click ‘I want it’ through your remote. In about 30 minutes, your pizza will show up at your door.”

Karen Bressner, TiVo advertising sales senior VP, said, “This exciting new partnership offers yet another advertising solution as commercial avoidance continues to increase.”

TiVo will provide subscribers various Domino’s advertising entry points on the TiVo user interface including gold star sponsorship, program placement, interactive tags in live TV spots, and through music, photos, products by clicking on “order your Dominos pizza now.”

TiVo subscribers will be able to set up a user name and password on so that each time they use their TiVo remote to place an order, they can log in with an account number.

Alternatively, TiVo subscribers can enter their delivery address, select the type of crust, toppings and sauces on screen, and get the pizza delivered by their local Domino’s pizza.

The new service starts for all broadband connected TiVo subscribers and supports both delivery and pickup orders. Viewers pay in cash when the pizza is delivered.