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While we are all still enjoying the last warm days of the summer, Holiday Shopping and Gift Giving Season will be here before we know it. Now is the time for retailers, manufacturers and distributors to make their lists, check them twice and ensure the must-haves items are stocked on shelves, easy to find online and competitively priced, in advanced of the Holiday shopping season. This year is particularly difficult with so many hot items.

Consumer electronics have long been a shining star of the holiday season. According to a survey released by the Consumer Electronics Association, “an estimated 51.2 million American adults (45 percent of all shoppers) bought or planned to buy consumer technology products during the 2014 Thanksgiving shopping weekend”, and that was just over the one weekend. CE products like headphones and speakers are always safe bets around the holiday season, but last year we saw UltraHD 4K televisions, wearable technology and smart home electronics standing out and along with drones and Ultra HD Blue Ray discs, they are all still hot items for 2015.

As wearable technology continues to morph from what were mostly fitness trackers to personal connected mobile devices with Wi-Fi and wireless charging capabilities, the retail opportunities in the category are infinite. The new varieties of wearables have many diverse functions and purposes, and with so many styles there is no reason to have just one, as is the case with mobile phones or tablets. Video games and consoles once thought of as go-to gift for young adults is still strong with the XBOX and EA consoles predicted to be big ticket items at the recent Gamescon 2015, but wearable technology might affect those sales as well. Smart watches with cameras, games, and kid-friendly apps are appealing to kids who want more mature gifts and to parents who appreciate the built in tracking features.

As we see the technology in CE constantly moving forward at a rapid pace, the sentiment and desire for the past is coming back in full force. Innovative Technology, The Long Island-based Technology Company has coined a term for this trend in products, “nostalgia electronics — audio components with 21st century technology, like Bluetooth, in early- to mid-20th century design.” Whether it is turntables or AM/FB radios outfitted with Bluetooth hookups or cassette players than can convert tapes into MP3, these items are sure to be a hit for the holidays and perhaps even set the stage for the unwrapping of all the season has to offer.

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