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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Steven Tiffen, Jeff Cohen and Michael Fecik of The Tiffen Company were honored with an Academy Award.

The Oscar, the Scientific and Technical Academy Award of Commendation, was presented during the Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards last month. They were honored for their efforts in developing dye-based filters that reduce infrared contamination when neutral density filters are used with digital cameras.

The awards acknowledge industry experts whose discoveries and innovations have contributed in significant and lasting ways to motion pictures. Tiffen, Cohen and Fecik are the only recipients of this year’s Academy Award of Commendation.

“The Tiffen Company identified the problem and rapidly engineered a series of absorptive filters that ameliorated infrared artifacts with lenses of all focal lengths,” the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences cited in its official press release. “These widely adopted filters allow cinematographers to work as they have done with film-based technology.”

“We sincerely thank the members of the Academy for bestowing this tremendous honor upon us,” said Tiffen. “We stand committed to continuing to support this industry that we love, and we find it so wonderfully pleasing that in this world of digital technology, Tiffen optical filters are recognized as a staple for professional image makers across the globe.”