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TI Plans Ultra High-Def 4K Projectors

Orlando, Fla. — Texas Instruments’ (TI) DLP Cinema unit, which builds projectors for large-venue applications, said at InfoComm Wednesday that it plans to incorporate enhanced 4K technology as an extension of the next-generation electronics platform for DLP Cinema projectors.

The 4K technology, which is also referred to as Ultra High Definition, features 4,520 lines of horizontal resolution, known as “4k” technology because the scan lines exceed 4,000.

Texas Instruments, which said it will still continue to develop and further its DLP Cinema 2K chips, which number 11,000 installations worldwide, plans to deliver the enhanced DLP Cinema 4K chip to its licensees Barco, Christie Digital and NEC, which will extend the number of high-resolution displays to more than 12 projector models, TI said.

All projectors with the next-generation DLP Cinema electronics platform will include DCI compliant colors, high contrast ratios and light output sufficient for large auditoriums.

The projectors will fill theater screens as large as 100 feet and 3-D screens as large as 75 feet, which TI said “has been a challenge for competing technologies.”

The next-generation DLP Cinema electronics platform combines the three boards needed to produce images into a single board enabling lower adoption cost. The next-generation platform will work seamlessly with more than eight server solutions and multiple 3-D platforms, TI said.