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THX, BluFocus Develop 3D-Content Certification Program

San Rafael, Calif. –




, which
provides quality-assurance testing for home video content, have developed 3D-certification
programs for authoring and producing 3D video and for ensuring the
interoperability of 3D Blu-ray discs with Blu-ray players.

The two
companies will also research the root causes of fatigue experienced by
consumers when viewing 3D video through 3D glasses.

 For its part, THX is developing certification
standards for 3D consumer hardware, including TVs and other devices, THX told
TWICE. The company expects to unveil final standards during the CEDIA Expo.

 For their video-content program, THX and
BluFocus are marketing their services and certification mark to producers and
distributors of movies, television programs, games and other content. The
companies said they will work with content producers to implement best
practices for adding such 3D elements as onscreen characters, objects, graphics
and subtitles.

Under the joint program, a THX-BluFocus
certification logo and one to three icons would appear on disc packaging and,
for digital downloads or streams, on digital artwork. The icons would signify
one of the following:

 * THX-BluFocus AV Certification, which would
indicate that audio and images maintain the quality and detail of the original

* THX-BluFocus
Creative Certification, which indicates that all 3D elements were analyzed to
detect creative errors and flaws that deviate from the director’s intent or
might cause viewer fatigue. Subtitles, menus, graphics and other elements could
be included in the review.

* THX-BluFocus
Interoperability certification, which would apply to Blu-ray discs to ensure
they play without glitches on 2D and 3D Blu-ray players. The companies have
used a THX-BluFocus certified disc to test playback on more than 100 Blu-ray
players from around the world.

BluFocus CEO Paulette Pantoja said the content
certification program “will help refine 3D post-production and authoring and
help content producers minimize technical flaws long before 3D content is
broadcast, streamed or authored on optical disc.”

BluFocus, which started as a Blu-ray testing
and advisory service in the entertainment industry, recently began providing
similar services to the digital distribution and broadcast industries.