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Thread Group Begins Smart-Home Product Certification

The Nest-led Thread Group has begun certification testing of more than 30 products and components submitted so far by Thread Group members.

Certification testing, done with UL Labs, is designed to ensure that home-automation products equipped with the low-power wireless mesh-network standard will interoperate, at least at the physical and media access control (MAC) layers. Different vendors could choose their own incompatible application layers with command protocols, but many suppliers have committed to offering Nest’s Weave applications layer on top of Thread.

Weave is not part of the Thread Group certification process

Thread Group testing will validate device behavior for commissioning, networking functionality, security and operation in a Thread network, the group said. Certified products will be able to wear a “Built on Thread” or “Thread-certified component” logo.

The group this summer made the Thread 1.0 technical specification available to member companies under royalty-free licensing terms. It’s designed to support a variety of products, including appliances, access control, climate control, energy management, lighting, safety and security.

“Currently, there are more than 30 products in this first wave of product certification,” a spokesperson told TWICE. “From now on, you can expect that Thread Group members will continue to submit products for certification, though in more of a steady pace.” The group’s membership numbers more than 230.