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Thomson To Open New R&D Lab In New Jersey

PARIS -Thomson Multimedia said it is creating a new research and development laboratory in Princeton, N.J., to develop convergence technologies to hasten the marriage of video with the Internet.

The laboratory, which will be Thomson’s sixth R&D facility worldwide, will work in collaboration with R&D centers in Rennes (France), Indianapolis, Hanover, Villingen (Germany) and Tokyo. The Princeton unit has been charged with developing broadband digital products and solutions for Thomson digital audio and video devices with broadband access and related services.

Main categories of research will be streaming technologies for audio, video and data content over future broadband and 3G mobile networks (xDSL, UMTS, W-CDMA and CDMA 2000), use of new-generation Internet protocols (IPv6) and interface layers (APIs) for multimedia application, the company said.

Thomson said Princeton was selected as the most appropriate location for the lab due to its immediate proximity to Thomson’s patents and licensing center.

The location of the facilities “will help reinforce the link between the group’s patent and research activities. The laboratory will also benefit from the close proximity of research centers and universities including MIT, Princeton, Columbia and Carnegie-Mellon, where Thomson intends to develop partnerships and seek new talent,” according to a company statement.

Researchers and engineers in the lab will be selected from Thomson’s existing Indianapolis, Rennes, and Hanover facilities, according to Thomson.

“One objective of this initial team is to combine the best of European and American research by capitalizing on one of Thomson Multimedia’s sheer strengths-its truly international approach to employee management and markets,” the company said.

“The stated goal of the new unit is to develop innovative digital products for the consumer and offer business-to-business solutions to broadcasters, content providers, and network operators for the deployment of integrated solutions of digital video content.”

An immediate beneficiary of the lab is expected be Technicolor, which Thomson recently acquired. That operation will be looking for new technologies in the development of secure digital platforms for its customers.