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Thomson Debuts A/V Hook-up Equipment, Antennas

New York — To equip consumers with the accessories necessary to achieve the optimum HDTV viewing experience, Thomson is introducing five RCA and Jensen brand antennas and an extensive lineup of RCA and Acoustic Research audio/video connectors.

For reception of over-the-air digital TV signals, antennas range from one that incorporates an analog clock to a model that doubles as a picture frame.

The RCA ANT512 indoor antenna features adjustable/retractable VHF dipoles that extend up to 39 inches and a 6-foot coaxial hookup cable. The unit also incorporates a built-in clock for a suggested $44.95 retail, with May availability.

Sharp TV reception is delivered in a picture frame design antenna — the RCA ANT466 indoor amplified TV antenna — that holds a 4-inch by 6-inch photo in portrait or landscape format. Designed to provide reception of digital and analog television, as well as FM stereo signals, the currently available unit carries a $49.95 retail.

The RCA ANT401 indoor antenna offers a UHF loop that folds down into the antenna when not in use. Suggested retail is $49.95, and the unit is currently available.

Two Jensen brand antennas feature a contemporary high gloss ebony black finish. The TV931 features a low-profile design with advanced circuitry for a suggested $59.95. It will be available in September. The TV911 has an UHF loop that rotates and tilts for improved UHF tuning. Suggested retail is $39.95, and availability also will be in September.

Targeting consumers with advanced digital entertainment systems, Thomson has expanded its Acoustic Research Performance and Pro II Series audio/video hookup cables. These connect to any brand HDTV.

Users with HDTV equipment featuring high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) connections can connect both digital and audio sources with the Acoustic Research Performance AP085 6-foot HDMI cable at a suggested $69.95 retail, or the AP086 12-foot HDMI cable at a suggested $89.95 retail. Both cables support HD formats 720p and 1,080i, along with multi-channel audio. Both will be available in October. HDMI cables also are available in the AR Pro II series.

For digital video interface (DVI) connections between a set-top box and HDTV display, Thomson is offering two Acoustic Research Performance options. The AP097 is 6 feet at $49.95, and the APO98 is 12 feet at $69.95. Both will be available in July

The APO82 is a 12-foot optical cable for optical digital audio connections. Suggested retail is $29.95, and it is available.

In the Acoustic Research Pro II Series, the PVR480 DVI to HDMI adapter mounts directly to a DVI output on an HDTV display and enables connectivity to digital entertainment products for a suggested $49.95 retail.

The PR481 HDMI to DVI adapter connects an HDMI output to a DVI cable, enabling connectivity to video and audio products with a DVI input. Suggested retail is $49.95.

The PR485 DVI adapter is an in-line connector that acts as an extension and connects two lengths of DVI cable together, enabling users to connect home entertainment components that are spread across a room. Suggested retail is $39.95. The three models will be available in October.

A new line of over 60 RCA audio/video cables is designed for high-definition products.

The RCA Ultimate Performance Collection PD12HDMI cable enables consumers to connect both video and multi-channel audio components with HDMI connections to an HDTV display with a single cable. Suggested retail is $89.98 and availability will be in October.

The PD6DC is a 6-foot Component Video YprPb cable compatible with digital products that can be connected to an HDTV, DVD or A/V receiver. It currently is available for a suggested $69.95 retail.

The PD6HP 6-foot optical cable features a wide-diameter cable construction that protects the signal and provides maximum signal transfer. Suggested retail is $39.95, and it is available.

The RCA DT6HPL 6-foot optical cable features a lighted “halo” connector that lights up when the cable is in use. It connects stereo audio and audio/video components with digital optical outputs to a home theater receiver with digital optical input. Suggested retail is $34.95, and it is available.

For consumers with an HDTV with DVI connectors, the RCA 9-foot DVI digital video interface cable, DT9DVID, has a suggested $44.95 retail and current availability.