ThinkEco Offers Modlet To Consumers


New York -- ThinkEco will make its flagship product, the modlet, a "smart" energy-use regulator that plugs into a standard electrical outlet, available to consumers next week.

The modlet, or "modern outlet," monitors power draw in real time, second by second, and automatically cuts power to plugged-in electronics based on personalized schedules, so consumers can start paying for only the electricity they need.

Through Zigbee-based web software, consumers can adjust schedules through a simple slider interface to control electricity use and track cost savings. The same software can be used to control electronic devices wirelessly, from any web browser or Internet-connected mobile device.

The modlet starter kit includes a two-socket modlet, a USB receiver and free software download for $49.99. Additional modlets can be purchased for $44.95 to create an energy-saving network of connected electronic devices.

ThinkEco said the modlet is designed for simple self-installation. Once the software is installed it guides the user through a step-by-step setup script. Any electronic device that is then plugged into the modlet is smart-control enabled.

The modlet's software is driven by an intelligent engine that recommends ways for users to reduce their energy use and waste after monitoring their devices over a two-week baseline period. Users can convert these recommendations into actual savings with one-click scheduling. Users can alternately manually set the modlet's schedule down to the minute, based on their own use schedule. The software continually recognizes usage patterns over time and suggests fine-tunings to save more power.

The modlet software also comes with schedule templates for common applications, such as a "federal holiday plan" that lets users schedule their devices differently on holidays. Each modlet also has a one-touch manual schedule override button.

The software also includes a savings tracker and downloadable data capability for more in-depth energy use analysis.

A social networking interface allows a user to opt in to share power usage and savings with the modlet community of users, set up competitions, and share information and tips on specific model devices.

ThinkEco's modlet will be available on

the company's website

, and at the new

Best Buy Home Energy retail concept

debuting at three Best Buy stores located in Houston, Chicago and San Carlos, Calif.

The modlet has been available to enterprises and small businesses

since early 2010



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