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Thiel Unveils Newest SmartSubs

Las Vegas – Thiel Audio is going
to International CES to unveil its next generation of SmartSub powered

These subwoofers will work with a
companion PX05 passive crossover module to integrate them with a variety of
Thiel speakers in home theater and stereo system.

The module is custom-made for use
with different Thiel speakers to adjust the subs’ response to the natural
frequency response and bass roll-off of different Thiel full-range speakers.
The module extends a speaker system’s bass response down to 20Hz and delivers
nuance and detail without sacrificing impact and power, the company said.

The subs use a new amplifier
topology to deliver improved performance and reliability, and like their
predecessors, they feature boundary-compensation circuitry to optimize response
based on the subwoofers’ distance from rear and side walls.

The new line extends thermal
compensation circuitry down to the entry-level 550-watt USS sub. The circuitry,
said to virtually eliminate thermal compression distortion, was available
before only on higher power models.

The USS retails for $3,490, and
the 1,000-watt SS2.2 retails for $6,390, both with analog amps and
high-efficiency switching power supply. The PX05 crossover module is $500. All
are expected to ship Jan. 16.

The USS features proprietary
10-inch aluminum woofer boasting long excursion and “immeasurably low” levels
of distortion, the company said. The SS2.2 uses two of the same 10-inch

The USS will be available in
natural cherry, dark cherry, and black ash. The SS2.2 will be available in the
company’s full selection of standard and custom hardwood veneers with
stainless-steel hardware and heavy duty spikes borrowed from THIEL’s flagship
CS3.7 loudspeaker.

The delivers 99dB of output 20 Hz
and 106dB at 30Hz. The SS2.2 delivers up to 105dB at 20Hz, and 112dB at 30Hz.