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Thiel Speaker Adds Flagship Technology

Lexington, Ky.  – Thiel Audio is bringing midrange/tweeter technology developed for its flagship $13,900/pair CS3.7 floorstanding speaker to a lower-priced speaker at $9,900/pair.

The new CS2.7 three-way speaker uses the flagship’s concentrically mounted tweeter/midrange technology to deliver phase- and time-coherent sound from the drivers. The technology, developed by the late Jim Thiel, is designed “to deliver unmatched purity and the lowest possible distortion in the mid and high frequency ranges,” said Thiel president Kathy Gornik.

 The Thiel CS2.7, which ships in September, also features a short-coil / long-gap 8-inch woofer coupled to a passive radiator to deliver fast, accurate bass response, the company said.

 The speaker features Thiel’s traditional sloped baffle and real wood veneers. Custom finishes are available.