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TFCinfo Issues LCD TV Brand Study

Odessa, Fla. — TFCinfo has released a study examining both customer relationships with LCD brands and customer perceptions and preferences regarding LCD displays such as price, size, resolution, technology and use.

Called “TFCinfo LCD Brand Strength and Customer Preference Study 2007,” the study indicates “why consumers buy LCDs, what they like and dislike about them, how they see them compared to plasma and RPTV, and how they view brands, [which] is especially important today,” said Tanya Lippke, TFCinfo survey market research manager.

“As LCD TV gains in popularity and competition becomes more fierce with LCD prices coming down, the need to sustain relationships with customers becomes increasingly important to manufacturers. These insights into the mind of the buyer are crucial to any company that wants to be competitive.” 

Among the issues the report looks at:

  • How concerned are business customers about initial purchase cost vs. LCD lifetime?
  •  How concerned are home entertainment LCD users about the effect of motion artifacts?
  • What is the most frequent mounting option for LCD displays? Is it different for biz vs. home?
  • Why did buyers choose LCD over plasma or RPTV in the first place?
  • What percent of business users currently use their LCD displays for dynamic signage applications?
  • Why do customers continue to come back to buy certain brands?
  • LCD Brand Price Premium — how much additional money people are will to pay for a brand over and above an average brand?
  • What are customers’ buying criteria and which of them are most important?
  • Brand Affinity (How strong is a brand strength on key purchasing attributes?)
  • Brand Associations (What type of LCD use is a brand most associated with?)
  • Brand Image Index (How strong is a brand compared to average and its competitors on important purchasing factors and affinity attributes?)
  • How much additional money are people willing to pay for certain brands over an average brand?
  • Where are consumers buying most?

For a complete brochure and outline of this study, or for more information on purchasing, please contact Tanya Lippke at (207) 783-0055 or [email protected].