Tennessee's Electronics Express Intact After Floods

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Nashville, Tenn. - Electronics Express, the 16-store electronics and appliance chain based here, suffered only minor damage from last weekend's flooding that ravaged much of the area.

All of the retailer's central Tennessee locations remained open for business, with only two stores sustaining leaks and minor water damage, the company's secretary, treasurer and chief merchant Abe Yazdian told TWICE.

The basement of a secondary warehouse was also flooded, but inventory was unaffected, he said.

Yazdian is thankful that no employees or family members were injured in the floods, and Electronics Express is assisting those whose homes were damaged by the storm and swollen rivers.

Yazdian saw National Guard troops rescue stranded neighbors by boat, and he moved in with brother Sam, the company's president, until power could be restored to his home.

He said the company, a member of the NATM Buying Corp., is anticipating a 40 percent spike in sales within the next 35 to 40 days as insurance and FEMA claims are processed and residents begin replacing damaged appliances and TVs.


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