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Tenba Offers Video Demo Site For Bags

Elmsford N.Y. – Tenba has launched a new
video-only Web site which the company describes as “an online cable TV box,
custom-programmed for camera and laptop bag shoppers.”

The site (

) features more than 20
“channels” – with more being added regularly – each providing a highly detailed,
personal demonstration of one of the company’s gear-carrying bags and

Most of the three- to five-minute videos are hosted by
Tenba product manager Peter Waisnor, who explained that “the goal was to
duplicate the experience of having a really knowledgeable store salesman spend
time showing you every detail of a product, without having to leave your desk or

Waisnor said that he does the video demos himself
because aside from being the product manager, he is a photographer, so he can
show viewers the features in a way that they will be able to relate to. “Our
customers are typically professionals or serious enthusiasts, and they are
entrusting very expensive equipment to the bag they carry. They know and
appreciate when they are listening to someone who comes from their

The videos are informational, taking the time to show
everything about every product, inside and out. But Tenba sprinkled the videos
with a dose of humor and even an occasional bit of physical comedy. One clip for
outdoor photo bags has Waisnor being doused with a torrent of water, and another
shows him zooming off-screen lying on top of a rolling case. “We want viewers to
see what the products really do and how they perform, and sometimes getting
drenched is the best way to do that,” said Waisnor.

Tenba said that customer feedback has been very
positive so far and the information provided is comprehensive enough that
consumers can walk right into a camera store and buy a product immediately, with
confidence. “It’s not often that customers get a personal shopper for something
like a camera bag,” Waisnor said, and “people clearly appreciate

For more information, visit

, or
Tenba’s main Web site,