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TeleNav Adds 3D Maps, Wi-Fi Hot Spot Finder To Cellular GPS App

TeleNav announced one of the first GPS applications for cellular phones to provide full-color 3D moving map displays similar to those offered on portable GPS devices.

The new application is also the first to include a Wi-Fi hot spot finder allowing customers to receive turn-by-turn directions to a wireless hot spot, said TeleNav. Called TeleNav GPS Navigation 5.0, the service further provides along-the-route searches so that consumers can look up a business or search for the lowest gas prices along their predetermined route, said TeleNav.

The TeleNav Navigation service is available for most Sprint/Nextel and Boost Mobile phones starting at $9.99 per month for unlimited use. The new 5.0 version is available on select mobile devices from these carriers. Customers are not charged for cellular airtime when using the service. TeleNav said it will expand its service to other carriers in the future.